Kaiser Permanente – Pleasanton, CA  June 2014 – March 2021
IT Engineer Applications, 
October 2017 – March 2021       
Oracle HCM Cloud – Implementation project team member. Served in multiple roles over the course of the project.

  • Developed application prototype to corollate Oracle business processes with custom integrations, Fast Formulas and test cases.
  • Supervised the preparation of more than 250 batch schedule changes during cutover from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud.
  • Assisted with Informatica Big Data Management defect resolution during system integration testing.
  • Partnered with business analysts to complete several integration functional designs and PeopleSoft to Oracle HCM Cloud mappings.
  • Identified requirements for Oracle HCM Cloud to PeopleSoft co-existence integrations.
  • Produced designs for integrations to EverCheck Wallet.
  • Lead Perceptive Content upgrade to stabilize product and enable integration with Oracle HCM Cloud.
  • Partnered with vendor engagement team to coordinate integration testing cycles.

IT Engineer Applications, November 2015 – September 2017
PeopleSoft HCM production support. Tech Lead for Maui Health System and Washington Group Health mergers.

Techno-Functional Consultant, June 2014 – October 2015

PeopleSoft HCM customization. Tech Lead for design and development of customizations to automate onboarding of  contractors and eliminate manual work.

Antelope Valley Hospital, Lancaster, CA                     February 2014 – May 2014
Techno-Functional Consultant
PeopleSoft implementation HCM 9.1. Tech Lead for reporting.

  • Developed more than a dozen SQR and BI Publisher (XML) reports.
  • Developed new pages for Manager and Employee Self-Service Dashboards.

Trained and mentored IT staff on PeopleSoft Query and BI Publisher.

Intermountain Healthcare – Salt Lake City, UT  June 2013 – January 2014
Techno-Functional Consultant
PeopleSoft implementation Financials & Supply Chain 9.1. Implementation team member.

  • Completed development and testing of App Engine and Component Interfaces to convert Accounts Payable and General Ledger data.
  • Completed App Engine interface of employee data from Oracle HR.
  • Developed real-time tracking of asset movements between locations using Integration Broker.

County of Placer – Placerville, CA  July 2013 – December 2013
HCM 9.1, PeopleTools 8.52 – Production Support

Time & Labor – Updated a custom Application Engine to annually process the roll-over and cash-out of compensation time.

Cassidy Turley – St Louis, MO  May 2012 – December 2012
Techno-Functional Consultant
PeopleSoft implementation HCM 9.1. Tech Lead for data conversion.

  • Designed and coded conversion of core HR data using App Engine and Component Interfaces.
  • Developed several new reports.
  • Designed and coded App Engine and Component Interface process to convert Payroll configuration and Base Benefits data.
  • Developed custom PeopleCode edits for Benefits.

National Academy of the Sciences – Washington, DC  October 2011 – April 2012
HCM 8.9, PeopleTools 8.48.18 – Production Support

Base Benefits – Developed new PeopleCode edits for the Self Service Savings Plan (403b) Enrollment and eBenefits pages. Developed SQRs to print enrollment confirmation letters to employees. Updated the 403B interface SQR to the Benefits vendors.

Atria Senior Living Group – Lewisville, KY  October 2010 – March 2011
HCM 9.0, PeopleTools 8.50 – Production Support

Position Management – Developed an Application Engine to perform mass Position Change.

National Academy of the Sciences – Washington, DC  April 2010 – February 2011
HCM 8.9, PeopleTools 8.48.18 – Production Support

Base Benefits – Developed Application Engine inbound interfaces for Medical, Dental Plan and Insurance enrollments and terminations.

Kaiser Permanente – Pleasanton, CA  June 2009 – December 2013
Business Analyst, July 2011 – December 2013
Developed a database analysis of pensionable pay rates for a ten-year period to ensure compliance with plan documents. Results were used to provide corrective data to the pension’s administrative system.

Techno-Functional Consultant, June 2009 – June 2011
HCM 9.1, PeopleTools 8.50.16 – Upgrade
Core HR – Analyzed and reapplied PeopleCode customizations. Designed and coded new customizations required due to the Person model. Identified obsolete custom objects to be removed from 9.1. Assisted with SYSAUDIT cleanup. Fixed a wide variety of defects found during 9.1 integration testing.

Core HR 8.8 – Customized the Manager Self Service Termination process to include multiple termination types and workflow approvals.

National Academy of the Sciences – Washington, DC  May 2009 – June 2009
HCM 8.9, PeopleTools 8.48.18 – Production Support

Payroll – Developed an Application Engine to add “Other Earnings” to paychecks as part of the calculate pay process for selected employees based on special accumulator values and Benefits enrollments.

Atria Senior Living Group – Louisville, KY  May 2008 – June 2009
HCM 9.0, PeopleTools 8.49.10 – Implementation

Core HR – Designed and coded Application Engines and Component Interfaces for core HR data conversion from ADP EV3. Constructed new Manager Self Service components to enable supervisors to edit and update selected data for their direct reports. Customized the Manage Hires event and the Job component to automatically enroll and un-enroll employees in Benefits Plans. Customized the Manager Self Service Terminate an Employee process to include comments. Designed and created a security feature to control access to menu items based upon the users’ Paygroup.

Base Benefits – Developed an Application Engine to generate run controls and schedule the Calculate Periodic Accrualprogram for all eligible Plan Types and Benefit Plans.

Payroll – Developed an Application Engine to deliver Payroll Registers and email notifications to each location. Upgraded inbound interface SQRs. Implemented PGP encryption and FTP processing for outbound SQRs.

Talent Acquisition, AWE – Implemented the JobOpening and JobOffer workflow events. Customized the Recruiting Add New Applicant pages. Developed PeopleCode edits on the Job Offer component to edit salary ranges against salary group data. Developed PeopleCode to populate licenses and certificates for new hires.

AMN Healthcare – San Diego, CA  January 2008 – April 2008
HCM 8.3, PeopleTools 8.19.04 – Production Support

Core HR – Fixed defects and performed SQL tuning for SQRs, PeopleCode and Application Engines.

American Electric Power – Columbus, OH  August 2007 – March 2008
Financials 9.0, PeopleTools 8.48 – Upgrade

Payables, Receivables, Projects – Identified, documented and reapplied PeopleCode customizations. Developed new customizations for 9.0.

General Ledger – Customized the chart field and combination edit Application Engine to apply custom business rules.

County of Ventura – Ventura, CA  July 2007 – May 2009
HCM 8.8, PeopleTools 8.45 – Production Support

Time & Labor, Payroll – Developed an ExcelToCI tool to load data to the Elapsed Time page. Customized the time approval page to allow supervisors to approve time based on location and schedules. Customized the Retroactive Payroll process to separate mass Retros from regular on-cycle Retros. Developed a gross-up procedure for other earnings based on special accumulators.

California State University – Dominguez Hills, CA  June 2007 – August 2007
HCM 8.9, PeopleTools 8.46 – Production Support

Base Benefits – Customized the Benefits Summary and Timesheet pages. Developed an SQR to compare core Person model data to external non-PeopleSoft data. Customized many of the Benefits Open Enrollment pages. Developed a Mass Termination SQR based on employee expected end date.

County of Ventura – Ventura, CA  April 2005 – June 2007
HCM 8.8. Production Support and customizations.

Core HR – Designed and developed many customizations to on-line PeopleCode, Component Interfaces, Application Engines and SQRs. Customized mass-update pages and processes. Customized defaults and edits for the New Hire and Job Data pages. Built Role-based security restrictions to field edit logic on Job Data. Applied patches and bundles.

Time & Labor – Customized the Weekly Elapsed Time page to allow entry for two weeks and added custom business rule edits. Developed a page for employees to view paid time and either approve or submit change requests.

Benefits – Developed a leave of absence tracking bolt-on module based on Job data. Customized Benefits Open Enrollment to use new edit tables for medical providers.

Payroll – Customized a bolt-on Retirement module with interfaces to Payroll. Developed a gross-up modeling page, pages to show Paid-time-off by pay period, an Employee Self Service W-2 Reissue page and a page for viewing Payroll details based on special accumulators. Created a California Employment Department Audit SQR by pay period based on check data and special accumulators.

BAE Systems – Rancho Bernardo, CA  January 2004 – February 2005
HCM 8.8, PeopleTools 8.43 – Implementation

Time & Labor – Developed Application Package code to customize the Weekly Elapsed Time page to include extensive business rule edits and validations. Developed several new summary pages. Upgraded custom SQRs. Developed custom rules for the Time Administration process. Applied bundles and tax updates. Developed customizations to process time adjustments with workflow approvals.

WellPoint Health Networks – Thousand Oaks, CA  October 2003 – December 2003
Financials 8.4, PeopleTools 8.4 – Production Support

Asset Management, Payables, Purchasing – Developed several Application Engine programs and Component Interfaces to load assets to the Asset interface tables, extract asset information to flat-files, load receipts to Purchasing and load Purchase Orders to Purchasing. Customized the Dispatch POs SQR.

The Longaberger Company – Newark, OH  March 2003 – September 2003
Supply Chain 8.4, PeopleTools 8.4 – Implementation

Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management – Developed a series of Component Interfaces for integration with handheld devices including PO receiving, physical cycle counting, bin-to-bin inventory transfers, inter-unit inventory transfers, inter-unit receiving of transfers and recording production completions. Customized Integration Broker Service Operations between Financials and CRM. Developed custom SQRs.

Alcone Marketing Group – Irvine, CA  February 2003 – March 2003
Financials 8.4, PeopleTools 8.2 – Production Support

Receivables – Developed programs to update customer data from external sources and to email shipment notifications to customers.

Fairchild Semiconductor – San Jose, CA  April 2002 – February 2003
Supply Chain 8.0, PeopleTools 8.2 – Upgrade

Order Management, Billing – Created custom records, pages and PeopleCode. Created a replacement for EDI Manager using File Layouts, Application Messages and publish PeopleCode. Created Application Engines to process multiple EDI transactions including forecasts, purchase orders and invoices.

American Electric Power – Columbus, OH  May 2001 – April 2002
Financials 8.0, PeopleTools 8.2 – Implementation

Projects – Designed and coded an Application Engine to interface transactions from Payables, Receivables and several external applications into a central Projects hub.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers – Tampa, FL  October 2000 – March 2001
HCM 7.5, PeopleTools 7.5 – Production Support

Core HR, Base Benefits – Developed customized panels and PeopleCode. Updated SQR interfaces to external applications.

Washington Mutual Bank – Seattle, WA  July 1999 – September 2000
HCM 7.5, PeopleTools 7.5 – Upgrade

Core HR, Base Benefits, Payroll – Reapplied customizations to core HR panels, PeopleCode and SQRs. Constructed a PeopleSoft data warehouse for legacy HR, Benefits and Payroll data.

Borden Foods – Columbus, OH  January 1999 – June 1999
Supply Chain 7.5, PeopleTools 7.5 – Implementation

Order Management – Customized the following EDI transaction sets: Purchase Orders, PO Acknowledgments, Shipping Notices and Invoices. Customized EDI maps, SQRs, staging tables, EDI Manager and EDI Agent functionality.

Fairchild Semiconductor – South Portland, ME  July 1998 – December 1998
Supply Chain 7.5, PeopleTools 7.5 Implementation

Order Management – Designed and coded customizations to the Order Management EDI processes to accommodate creating orders from forecasts, updating existing orders from forecasts and several methods of releasing orders to Inventory.

Wild Oats – Boulder, CO  July 1998
Financials 7.5, PeopleTools 7.5 Production Support

Payables – Customized dynamic SQL for the COBOL payment posting program to create prorated accounting entries for discounts taken.

Sonat – Birmingham, AL  March 1998
HCM 7.5, PeopleTools 7.5 Implementation

Stock Administration – Fit/gap analysis, customization and testing. Converted legacy data and developed custom SQRs.

PeopleSoft, Inc. – Pleasanton, CA  June 1993 – May 1998
Financials 7.5 upgrade and production support. Technical Team Lead for the development of Stock Administration module. Human Resources production support. Designed, developed and implemented a telemarketing/sales opportunity tracking application with PeopleTools.